Checking Order status.

Please visit My Account to check your order status.

Why was my order marked for fraud or on-hold?

To prevent customer’s credit card being used in fraud transaction, MYLÉ is holding all orders that has a different billing and shipping address for manual validation.

You will be receiving a support email for your on-hold orders, please reply back the email with your valid ID with name and address that matches your order billing information.

Once validate, your order will be updated to pending payment status and you can checkout the order at My Account area.

Please allow 24 hours to validate your transaction.

Order is flagged for fraud / On-Hold status.

Please reply the On-Hold email with image of valid ID with name and address that matches your order billing information.

Once your order is validate you will receive another email for pending payment.

Please visit My Account to check order status or checkout pending payment orders.

Payment declined during checkout.

Please check and make sure the billing address entered is matching the card holders address.

Transaction declined but payment is shown in the bank transaction.

If your transaction declined during check out, your credit card will not be charged by MYLÉ.

These are pending transaction or pre-authorization, usually will be cleared by your bank within 5-7 business days.

Please contact your bank or card provider for more information.

My card has been charged multiple times. What do I do?

Declined order can appear on your account statement as a pending transaction or pre-authorization, these amount is not hold by MYLÉ.

Within a few business days your bank or card provider will adjust and remove these pending transactions from your account.

Please contact your bank for more information on the pending transaction.

Can I make a change to an existing order.

Once the order is placed, we can’t make any additions or changes to your order.

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel an order made through the MYLÉ website, please contact support as soon as possible and be sure to provide your order number.

Note: We aim to fill your order as soon as it’s placed. Therefore, we cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel your order on time.

Having issue with MYLÉ Age Verification check?

Our commitment to preventing illegal sales to minors involves a 21+ Age Verification upon checkout for all purchases.

Upon your first attempt, SSN is not required for age verification, but, providing your SSN will increase the chance of allocating your data when processing age verification. Your SSN and personal data will NOT be stored on our site.

There is no alternative option to make a purchase if you cannot pass the age verification.

*NOTE: If you have a question with age verification, please include your Full Name, Address, and Day of Birth in the support email.

I did not pass the age verification on your website but I am over 21, what should I do?

Please make sure you have entered your most current information in the age verification form, if you have recently moved please try to use your old address.

There is no alternative option to make a purchase if you cannot pass the age verification.

*NOTE: If you have a question with age verification, please include your Full Name, Address, and Day of Birth in the support email.

No shipping method has been selected. What should I do?

In compliance with Federal rule, all U.S. sales are blocked until further notices.

*NOTE: Shipping to following international countries are currently not supported at MYLÉ site:

Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, and Turkey.

If you still experiencing shipping issue, before contacting out support please add the product into your cart and save your address in My Account.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Orders are filled within 1-2 business days.

While we do our best to offer you the fastest shipping methods and rates, your order may be delivered between 1-3 business days, 3-5 business days, or 6-10 business days, depending on your location and your shipping method selection.

Upon order placement you will receive an email confirmation. Once your order has shipped, you will receive another email confirmation with tracking information.

Our standard shipping method is USPS for Domestic and FedEx for International, we ship Monday – Friday.

Note: Delivery dates shown upon checkout are only estimates provided by the carrier and may be affected by weather, national holidays, and some geographic locations.

How can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a your tracking number.

Please expect 24 business hours before receiving your tracking details.

International Package Limit.

To reduce the risk of the package being rejected during shipment, all International orders are limited to a maximum of 30 items per order.

How to reset account password.

If you are logging please visit My Account Page to change your password.

If you are not logging please visit Forgot Password to reset your password.

Having Technical issue with using the MYLÉ site.

Please clear your browser cache then refresh the page to see if the issue has being resolved.

*NOTE: If you still having an issue using MYLÉ site, please contact our support and describe the issue in detail.

How to request a return label?

MYLÉ Devices carry a 1-year warranty, Pods do not.

If you purchased your device at MYLÉ site, please visit the Warranty page to request a return label.

*Please make sure you entered your order number with extension of “-US01”.

If you purchased your device from a local store, please visit here to purchase a return label.

NOTE: Warranty is applicable in the United States only.

If you still having issue with return label, please include your full name, address, and the defected device name in the support email.

What is anti-counterfeiting?

MYLÉ advises consumers to be cautious when purchasing devices or pods from unauthorized resellers.

All authorized MYLÉ product contains an anti-counterfeit label that are located on the product box.

To validate your MYLÉ product, please peel off the anti-counterfeit label and scan the QR code or you can visit our Anti-counterfeit website and enter the code manually.

Learn more about anti-counterfeiting please visit the Anti-counterfeit page.

NOTE: MYLÉ is not able to reimburse money used to purchase infringing or counterfeit goods, nor do we assist with the resolution of disputes.

For any general questions or concerns regarding MYLÉ, please visit our FAQ page.

Not able to find your solution here? Don’t worry our customer support is always here to help.