If your item was purchased from an Authorized Reseller, in order to receive a return label, you must first pay the shipping & handling charge per device. Please see the return process (RETURN LABELS ARE NOT MAILED/EMAILED TO YOU.):

  1. We receive your payment for Shipping, Handling & Age Verification.
  2. Within 24 hours (Mon-Fri), we will review your order.
  3. You will receive an email stating your order is complete.
  4. To generate & Print Return Label via Email: click on Access Return Label within your confirmation email.
  5. To generate & Print Return Label via My Account: Orders > View Order > Access Return Label.
  6. Upon clicking Access Return Label you will be asked to enter the order number and zip code for your shipping and handling order.
  7. Choose > Return Reason > Submit Request > Print Return Label > Ship the item.

Once your item is received, we will inspect it, upon confirmation a replacement will be sent at no additional cost. Please select below your device replacement with shipping, handling & Age Verification details.

Timeframe: 5-10 business days. Only Devices carry a warranty (1 year), Pods do NOT. Each device carries a 1 year warranty. Replacements are NOT eligible for warranty. Should we find your device not eligible for a replacement, you will be notified. Shipping & handling payments are non-refundable.